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For 14 years, I have been blessed to teach the simple and profound movement practice of the 5Rhythms®, where we meet to move, find ourselves at our most fluid and creative level, and dance into a purposeful life.

What & Why?  – What are the 5Rhythms® & why do we dance them? Is it just dance, or does it go deeper?

Where & When?  – My classes in Maryland, DC, & New Jersey / My workshops / More Mid-Atlantic 5Rhythms / Different forms of practice.

How?  – What happens on the dance floor? What should I bring? How do I start?

Who?  – Who are the 5Rhythms for? Who dances them? Who is Gabrielle Roth? Who are the teachers? Who is Richard Jerram?

Words + – Drawings, Music, Playlists; and one day, maybe, articles, photos, videos etc.

Latest News – Check here for new offerings, observations, variations, cancelations &c.

All drawings by Richard Jerram